Meet Dr. Joel Hartjes

Hi, I’m Dr Joel, the proud co-owner of Hartstone Dental Associates. I am a University of Wisconsin-Madison alum, and completed dental school at the University of Minnesota, where I graduated in 1990. I spent the first five years of my career serving our country as a member of the US Air Force. There I expanded my knowledge in all areas of dentistry, but especially in the areas of extractions, root canals, and gum surgery.

Dentistry has been and continues to be, a great profession for me. I enjoy going to work every day, seeing and working with friends I have made over the years. My passion is to treat my patients with the latest and best techniques and materials in an atmosphere where they feel safe and comfortable.

Learning about my patients and their lives is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. Through talking with them, I can find out what their dental needs and wants are. I chose dentistry because I have always had the drive to help people, and dentistry was my path to fulfilling that drive. 

The team we have created at Hartstone Dental can’t be beat! Every staff member provides their personal strengths to contribute to our very cohesive and amazing team. Each staff member steps up to help when others need it without question or hesitation. We truly care about one another and that carries through to our treatment of our patients.

Offices like ours are beginning to become a rarity. We are a true family dental practice that puts the needs of our patients first. Small enough to know all our patients, but connected to a network of specialists that are like-minded, enables us to offer unequaled treatment.

My wife Lindsay and I were married in 1989, and have been living in Middleton since 1995. We have a son Tyler, who owns his own business, and a daughter Ellie, who is working as a dental hygienist. I enjoy being outdoors. Whether it is at my cabin in Northern Wisconsin, at my hunting land west of Madison, on a golf course, or on my motorcycle — as long as it involves plenty of fresh air, I’m a happy man.

Volunteering is very important to me, as is being a member of St. Bernard Catholic Church. Actively participating in our community as well as charitable dentistry work helps me blend my passion for giving back with my career. I stay active in the Give Kids a Smile program as well as the Touched Twice dental program.

When you sit in my chair, I strive to make you feel comfortable and ease the fears some may have when coming to see a dentist. I want to present patients with options so they feel engaged in their oral health treatment, and I want them to also understand the quality of care that we are giving to them.

I do this with the support of our staff that totally understands, believes in, and conveys the same mission as my brother and me ... which is to create beautiful smiles to last a lifetime. Overall, we strive to make our patients feel like friends and family, and we promise always to have your best interests in everything we do.

1001 N Gammon Rd #2
Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 836-5600